Strategic Growth Solutions in

Administration Management for Entrepreneurs



 CRPC Consultants mission as B2B Strategic Engagement Experts that operates as innovative thought leaders who are an trusted, strategic source for entrepreneur engagement. 

Our purpose is to offer strategic solutions to create and repair processes with best practices in operational development.


We navigate, inspire, and empowered people with innovative ideas to expand their businesses; turn validated ideas into reality, and demonstrate what we know to entrepreneurs. Then, we show entrepreneurs how to replicate their success for residual revenue growth.




Our vision is to offer creative, strategic solutions to create and/or repair processes with the best growth practices  in operational developmental for entrepreneurs.




  • Administrative Management

  • Business Start-Up

  • Business Management Reorganizational Consulting

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Business Pitching Development & Coaching

  • Match-Making Vendor Resources

  • Nonprofit Strategic Planning

  • Strategic General Management 

  • Hu​man Resources

  • Organinzation Development Consulting

  • Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, Customer Service Consulting

  • Advertising & Related Services

  •  Economic (Advice Only), Media Buying, Direct Mail​ Consulting

  • Processing, Physical Distribution, Lo​gistics Efficiency Management

  • Operations Research

  • Productivity Improvement Logistics Consulting